Hope. Help. Healing.

As northeast Michigan’s leading experts on sexual and domestic violence, Hope Shores Alliance believes that everyone has the right to live in a safe environment. Our professional staff supports and advocates for survivors and their families with a variety of free, confidential and voluntary services and resources that include a 24-hour help and support line, advocacy, counseling, supportive listening, emergency shelter, and long term housing.

At Hope Shores Alliance, we work with victims, providing safe spaces for them to heal and be heard. We provide validation, hope and strength to ALL survivors who seek our help. We work with an alliance of local, state and national partners to end sexual and domestic violence … together.

Hope Shores Alliance serves Alcona, Alpena, Iosco, Montmorency and Presque Isle counties. We are a dynamic and flexible organization as we advocate and educate to dispel myths and change the connections between oppression, rape culture and violence, and work to change the way these linkages are perpetuated in society.

It may be uncomfortable to talk about sexual and domestic violence, but it impacts us all. Hope Shores Alliance believes in communities where ALL its members have the right to be safe from sexual and domestic violence. We back that belief up with free, confidential and voluntary programs, services and resources that include:

    • Support, Advocacy and Empowerment
    • 24-hour Help & Support Line
    • Education and Prevention Programs
    • Emergency Shelter
    • Counseling
  • Medical and Legal Advocacy

    • Transitional Supportive Housing Program
    • Housing Advocacy
    • Adult & Child Support Groups
    • Thrift Stores (in Rogers City and Oscoda)
    • Social Justice and Systems Advocacy
  • Volunteer Program

Who We Serve

Hope Shores Alliance assists those affected by sexual and domestic violence. Emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis intervention, counseling, information and referrals, legal advocacy, and long-term housing are among the services available.

Hope Shores Alliance values the importance of providing free, confidential and consistent services to all survivors while recognizing both the uniqueness of survivors’ needs and the importance of flexibility to those unique needs. Consistency in providing services is a vital component of providing fair, equitable and effective advocacy, intervention, resources and support and is a core principle of the agency.


Hope Shores Alliance is a community supported human service organization dedicated to assisting victims/survivors and their families in ending domestic and sexual violence and discrimination in their lives through education, systems change, building community partnerships, and ensuring availability and accessibility of support services. 


Esther Hines-Ableidinger, President

Beverly Banks, Interim Vice President

Michael J. Kelly, Treasurer

Mary Linton, Secretary

Char Keune, Member at Large

Belinda Page, Member at Large

Kathy Ingle, Member at Large

Tom Sherrill-Mix, Member at Large

Beth Lang, Member at Large

Patricia Reuter Chappa, Member at Large

Karen Kamyszek, Member at Large

Donna Robillard, Member at Large

Employment Opportunities

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Our Philosophy

Your rights to privacy and confidentiality are very important to us, therefore we protect those rights. The success of the survivor-service provider relationship is based upon trust, allowing survivors to confide sensitive and intimate information fully and freely to advocates, counselors and other direct service staff. For survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, confidentiality may be more than an issue of privacy; it could be an issue of life and death.