Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

Vice President
Members at Large

Char Keune
Beverly Banks
Michael J. Kelly
Mary Linton
Belinda Page
Esther Hines-Ableidinger
Kathy Ingle
Tom Sherrill-Mix
Patricia Reuter Chappa
Donna Robillard
Beth Lang
Dawn Waters

To contact the staff below, please call (989)356-2560 and dial their extension.

Executive Director
Finance Director
Support Service Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Volunteer Coordinator

Valerie Williams Ext. 101
Judy Suszek Ext. 102
Regina Franklin Ext. 103
Stacy Szczukowski Ext. 104
Natalie Francis Ext. 202

Advocacy Department

Outreach Advocacy Coordinator
Lead Outreach and Services Advocate
Sexual Assault Program Coordinator
Outreach and Services Advocates

Jen Baker Ext. 107
Stephanie Peltier Ext. 302
Jillian Ferguson Ext. 108
Sara Flick Ext. 110
Kristen Griffin Ext. 109
Jeanine Kaltz Ext. 303
Ashley Kimball Ext. 303
Pamela Mellen Ext. 305

Counseling Department

DV/SA Counselor

Meg Nisbet Ext. 106

TSH/OVW Housing Department

Housing Coordinator
Housing Outreach Advocate

Kelcey Lilley Ext. 112
Chelsa Miller Ext. 113

Safe House Department

Lead Residential Advocate
Residential Advocates Ext. 205

Donna Davis Ext. 201
Taylor Allen
Sierria Connon
Sara Dihle
JoLee Greer
Allysha Losinski
Nicole Spicer
Bea Stoinski
Melissa Zinke

Thrift Store

Thrift Store Manager
Thrift Store Retail Clerk

Nicole Budnick Ext. 501
Marti Elliott Ext. 502